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Crew Visas

A C1 transit visa allows the bearer to transit the United States. Use of a C1 visa requires the holder to have onward transportation arrangements directly through the United States.  This includes entering by air to join a commercial cruise line or departing by air at the conclusion of the contract.  The maximum stay on a C1 visa is 29 days as determined by the immigration official at the port of entry. Certain additional documentary requirements were effective January, 2007.

A D crewmember's visa is travelers who are employed is in a capacity required for the normal operation of the aircraft or vessel.  A D visa permits the holder to remain in the United States or US coastal waters for a stay of up to 29 days, as determined by the immigration official at the port of entry.

Applicants requiring both a crew visa (C1/D) and a temporary visitor visa (B1/B2) may apply for them simultaneously with only one MRV fee payment.  For any other classes of visas, one MRV payment is required for each visa issued to an individual.

Airline personnel and ship crew: When making an application for a C-1/D visa you will need an original letter from your employer verifying your employment and requesting issuance of a crew visa. You will need to supply this letter along with the required application documents. Ship crewmembers may also be asked to provide their seamen's book.